Ahead of Diwali, Delhi Police beefs up security measures; check steps taken


Ahead of Diwali festival, the Delhi Police has strengthed the security arrangements and is ready to tackle any threat. With a view to handle any untoward situation, the policemen have practised firing with modern weapons in the Tughlakabad police firing range of Delhi.

In this firing exercise, many police personnel, as well as many police officers, also participated and they targeted the exact weapons from the police fleet. The Delhi Police was seen firing very modern weapons like AK47 and MP5.

The most important thing is that women policemen also participated extensively in this firing exercise. According to DCP RP Meena of South-East District, Delhi Police is ready to deal with every situation.

The festival season has been marred this year by the coronavirus pandemic. However, people have thronged the streets flouting guidelines. The Centre attributed the sudden surge in daily incidences in the last few days to greater movement of people during festive season and laxity in adhering to safety norms.

According to news agency PTI, the Delhi government is mulling to collect samples from people while they are at restaurants, markets and other public places in a bid to strengthen its COVID-19 surveillance mechanism amid a massive surge in daily cases in the last few days.

It was decided to concentrate efforts in certain key areas, such as targeted RT-PCR testing in sensitive and critical zones such as restaurants, market places, barbershops and salons; gear up the availability of medical resources including beds, ICUs, and ventilators as a preemptive measure; and ensure a high degree of contact tracing along with monitoring of quarantined contacts so as to suppress and break the chain of transmission, the home ministry had said in a statement.

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Quoting a source, PTI reported that Delhi government’s health department said, in targeted testing, samples are collected at regular intervals from a restaurant or a market place in an area, from where a high number of cases are getting recorded, or where safety protocols may not have been adhered to diligently.

Also, at market places, a safe distance of 2 m is difficult to maintain especially with crowding due to the festive season, so people would have to be very careful, he said.

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