Basics of Hinduism | हिंदुत्व का आधार | Indian Culture

Basics of Hinduism हिंदुत्व का आधार Indian Culture

हिंदुत्व का आधार | भारतीय संस्कृति | Basics of Hinduism:

 Hindu Dharma teaches man to see and develop this atma-bhava not only with all mankind who are bound by the same tie of kinship but, with all beings and all nature. Basics of Hinduism | हिंदुत्व का आधार | Indian Culture

 The word Hindu means those who keep away from the path of Violence, away from inflicting injury on others; Hin (Hinsa – Injury, Violence); du (dura – away, distant). 

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Roots of Hindu Religion:

Hindu religion had its roots in the Vedas.  The eternal is God.  God never changes.  Hinduism enables man to sustain himself on what is eternal.  Truth is one; it has no beginning or end.  It is  imperishable.  God is Truth.  The quest of that Truth is the goal of life.  Hinduism accepts the theory of evolution – inner evolution.  Man is endowed with divine qualities.  Besides his body, he has a mind, intelligence and soul (Atma).  The Atma links man with Brahman.  As per Kathopanishad, the mind controls the senses to reach the objectives and through Sadhana, liberation is achieved.  Omnipotence of God is an integral concept of Hinduism. Basics of Hinduism | हिंदुत्व का आधार | Indian Culture


According to Hinduism, man is not a sinner.  He is the child of immortality.  God is Supreme dweller in him.  Creation is governed by an unalterable law – The Rita of Rigveda.  As per the laws of Karma one harvests.  The seed is the action; consequences are the fruits.  One goes through many births before he merges with God.  Release from birth and death is Mokshya – final  redemption.  In Gita it is `Niskam Karma”.  Action done as duty as part of surrender to God only brings liberation.  Gita calls it `Karmaphalatyaga’.  Such a man is a free man who carries on God’s will and not enslaved by any motive or selfish desire. Basics of Hinduism | हिंदुत्व का आधार | Indian Culture

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The concept of `Avatar’ is unique in Hinduism.  It is God’s descent to earth to establish Dharma.  All `Avatars’ are God incarnated as man.  This is the great tolerance of India’s tradition, its unique catholicity in matters of religion and generous hospitality to followers of other religions.

Hinduism believes in an all powerful , all-wise and omnipresent super human power, lays down moral and spiritual codes for man’s guidance, affirms divine origin of creation, recognises a life where there is no `Adharma’, `Dwesha’ or `Himsa’.  It tolerates other religions, brings the entire life of man under Dharma and sustains that everything in creation that is sacred because it breathes the breath of Brahman. Basics of Hinduism | हिंदुत्व का आधार | Indian Culture

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