BMW Motorrad May Be Working On Smaller BMW R 12 Cruiser


Latest rumours out of Europe suggest that BMW Motorrad may be working on a new cruiser with the engine from the BMW R nineT.

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Rumours from Europe suggest BMW Motorrad may be working on a smaller version of the R 18 cruiser

BMW Motorrad may be working on a smaller version of the BMW R 18 cruiser motorcycle if latest rumours coming out of Europe are to be believed. It certainly seems like a possible move, considering the gorgeous R 18 that we reviewed recently. BMW Motorrad is already working on different variants based on the basic R 18 platform, and the R 18 Classic has already been launched in India, and another variant based on the standard R 18 is likely to be launched as well in the coming months.


The weight and size of the BMW R18 makes it somewhat cumbersome to manoeuvre around tight parking spots. The smaller R 12, if it’s launched will be lighter and use the 1,170 cc engine of the BMW R nineT

If BMW Motorrad does go ahead with a smaller version of the R 18, it promises to be an exciting package, even more exciting than the R 18, with the 1,170 cc actually making more power (109 bhp, compared to 90 bhp on the R 18), and possibly, less weight on the R 12. The smaller engine from the BMW R nineT will probably be re-tuned to make some more torque lower down to go with the cruiser credentials, styling and performance.


The smaller cruiser is expected to have similar styling as the BMW R18, with a low seat height, and classic cruiser styling


The rumours about the smaller BMW cruiser originate from a report from French publication Le Repaire des Motards, where BMW Motorrad head Dr. Markus Schramm has reportedly indicated that cruisers represent a very important segment in motorcycles over 500 cc, and that the R 18 won’t be the end of BMW Motorrad’s cruiser line-up, and the logical progression will be a smaller cruiser. Although he didn’t explicitly confirm a smaller cruiser, rumour mills have been on overdrive, and putting two and two together, the only logical, and exciting prospect would be to plonk the BMW R nineT mill on a similarly designed cruiser as the R 18. If that happens, it’s bound to be an interesting product for sure, and we can’t wait to sample it!


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