Continental Unveils Radar Sensors For 6th Gen Euro NCAP Requirements


The CAEdge connects to the vehicle via the cloud thanks to a virtual workbench, offering numerous opportunities for development and maintenance.

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Continental has developed an end-to-end V2X solution integrating 5G

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Continental has unveiled a new suite of radar sensors that will be compliant with the 6th generation Euro NCAP standard through automated driving technology. Other than this the company which is now in its 150th year, will be showcasing technology like high-performance computers as central control units in the vehicle and also stacks that interact with cloud-based telematics systems. Importantly, the new Continental surround radar and long-range radar is focusing on making autonomous driving safer. It has a more compact design, higher scanning rates of up to 200-250 meters and 360-degree surround monitoring. It is even compliant with automated lane changes. 


Continental’s sensor suite will be 6th gen Euro NCAP compliant

Continental builds on its legacy of developing the onboard computer for the Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4 electric cars by also showcasing its end-to-end network solution for autonomous cars and intelligent mobility. This solution integrates sensors, a high-performance computer and connective tissue to the cloud. It provides fast and a low latency connection of the vehicle network to the outside world and it enables real-time processing. Continental says sifter functions are distorted between the cloud, the high-performance computer and zone controllers. Continental says that functions ADAS systems can also be integrated into the system and it has also developed its own 5G modem for cars offering scaling computing (via edge computing) and improved cybersecurity. 


Its edge computing platform will allow cloud to vehicle communication


This builds upon Continental’s work in the space of a 5G hybrid V2X platform. The development of the Continental Automotive Edge Platform is another advance. It is a module hardware and software stack that aims to make things convenient for drivers to obtain new functions via OTA updates that will happen through the lifespan of the vehicle. The CAEdge connects to the vehicle via the cloud thanks to a virtual workbench, offering numerous opportunities for the development and maintenance of the software functions of the vehicle. 

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