Delhi’s water supply to be severely affected, these areas will take a hit: Check details


The water supply will be severely affected in several parts of Delhi due to an “abnormal” increase in ammonia levels in raw water, said Delhi Jal Board vice-chairman Raghav Chadha said on Thursday. This raw water is discharged into the Yamuna by Haryana.

“Due to an abnormal increase in pollutants (ammonia levels) in Yamuna raw water discharged by Haryana, production at Sonia Vihar and Bhagirithi Water Treatment Plants will be adversely impacted,” Chadha tweeted.

As a result, water supply will be affected in parts of East, North East and South Delhi, he said. He has advised to store and use water judiciously. 

“It is advised to store and use water judiciously. An adequate number of water tankers are being deployed. We are working relentlessly, in collaboration with Haryana, to restore normal supply,” Chadha said.

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