Kuchipudi – कुचिपुड़ी | Indian Dance and Music

Kuchipudi - कुचिपुड़ी Indian Dance and Music

Indian Dance and Music | Kuchipudi – कुचिपुड़ी :

Kuchipudi has always been an inherent part of the Andhra tradition. Divine in form ,it is famous for its grace ,elegance and charm . Reference to this dance form finds place in the writings of Bharat Muni, though the style was named by Tana Shah ,the grand nephew of Sultan Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah of the Qutub Shahi dynasty . Kuchipudi is a perfect balance between  Nritta, Nritya and Natya . The Nritta is a rhythmic sequence that concludes a song,the Nritya or sabdams in which the rhythmic. Kuchipudi – कुचिपुड़ी | Indian Dance and Music

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passages are followed by interpretations and Natya is a complete dance drama with  story-line and  characters.The dance style is a charming form of Abhinaya begining  with the facial and eye movements followed by hand gestures and eventual movements of the entire body.

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It’s ancient past though was more in the form of dance drama performed in villages ,yet the dance style is identified more as a gesture language .The proficiency of the artist lies in the footwork and perfect control over the limbs as the dance is performed over the rim of a brass plate with a vessel full of water on the head. Kuchipudi – कुचिपुड़ी | Indian Dance and Music

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